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Conditions of Use to Purchaser

(a) We will provide an online service that allows the purchaser to order products for purchase through the website;
Purchaser to Beauty Eyewear Trade Co., Ltd.
Purchasers will:
(b) Pay any applicable Fees to all website under Beauty Eyewear Trade Co., Ltd.
Purchase Orders
(c) All prices are quoted in US dollars.
(d) Purchaser place an Order by selected Product and postage item to the Shopping Cart, clicking the "Proceed to Checkout" button loacated on the pop-up page.
(e) ALL Postage has to be paid by purchaser, one postage per order.
(f) All website under Beauty Eyewear Trade Co., Ltd. offers a "payment plan" method of payment, where Purchaser makes payments by using PayPal system. PayPal F.A.Q at
(g) When the final payment for any order has been cleared the products will be sent to Purchasers in 15 days.
Cancellations and Refund
(h) Order can only be cancelled prior to the scheduling of delivery.
(i) Purchasers will be liable to pay a Purchaser Cancellation Fee on each cancelled Order.
(j) The Purchaser Cancellation Fee will be deducted from the amount Purchasers have paid in relation to the cancelled order with the balance, if any, returned to Purchasers.